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difference in our lows and we have to keep an eye on it but overall it will be a colder and breezy days and we will struggle to get out of the 40s in some of the higher elevations, here is sal. we have some problems although we are looking at a pretty decent commute on the major roads but it looks good up to the willow pass grade. 4:29 let's go back to the desk. we have new video in from a house fire. one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters are still investigating the cause of this -- investigators are still investigating the cause of this
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fire. they say the people inside a moble home had set off a bug fogger but never left the home. they came in and firefighters and paramedics were also exposed. paramedics and the residents were taken to the hospital but they are all expected to be okay. sergio was arrested yesterday. investigators say a post on facebook claimed he supports the actions of the gunman and was thinking about carrying out a similar shooting rampage. he has access to firearms in his home. they are marking one week since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary. church bells will ring for each person who died at the school.
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school will resume with the exception of the children at sandy hook elementary. jessica will be laid to rest today. we will take you live to rest where mourners continue to pay respects to the victims as the police investigations continue. >> the names and ages of those were red allowed. 20 tiny flames represented the lives taken too soon. the gunman's mother was also represented and the gunman himself. >> it is a time to feel we are reunited and we need to pay our respects and make peace. >> one person with a special
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bond is betty and her brief was well seen during last night's service. it will start at 6:00 at emerald park. anybody who comes is encouraged to bring notes and people will also be accepted in newtown they have been unshark wrist clay -- under characterristicly quiet. the facebook page has disappeared and following other mass shootings, they have defended the rights of gun owners. california's teacher's pension fund is investigating the link. they make the bush master
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semiautomatic rifle and connecticut police have identified the bush rifle as the primary weapon in the school shooting. and in a new sports scene, it is expected to open and the store will serve hunting fishing and law enforcement communities but at a town council meeting they said they were upset it was never presented to the public. >> we should have talked before this business permit was issued. >> i know some of the guys for a long time and they are outstanding citizens. >> the mayor of los gatos scheduled a discussion about permission for he selling firearms and they are not going to change it until the store moves. witnesses are worried about
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a potential sinkhole and live with the details in place, tara? >> reporter: this is the area of road which has been shut down and that's because you can see this culvert and it is part of the road which has been compromised. with all of the recent rains, right near morgan territory road, a potential sinkhole is starting to form. a public work's crew is out here directing traffic between pine lane and clayton. after they have figured out the damage they will give an estimated time as when they will be able to access their homes. then at 9:00 we will get an update from the public work's department. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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police in oakland have confirmed the shooting depth of two -- death of two teenage girls. the suspects have not been identified but are said to be three men and a boy. they were gunned down november 25th near brook dale park. no motive has been mentioned. today they are talking about a small group of pro test -- protesters. they say because of zoning laws they never should have been given a permit to open this month. >> a gym takes four years to get approved and lots of neighborhood comments, there was none here. >> they will determine whether or not the 711 can stay --
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seven 11 whether or not they can stay open since it has been deemed technically residential. it's right near there and they determined the building is unsafe and needs to be demolished but it was once home to the country's largest swimming pool. >> very interesting. >> 4:36 no rain to talk about, cold out there but let's toss to traffic. good morning sal. we are off to a good start and the rest of the roads, let's look at what we have, not a bad drive from vallejo, it is nice and clear and you can see there are no major fog obstructions and traffic looks good to the toll plaza and i
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noticed how clear it was all over the place. traffic is moving along nicely. it is looking good getting up to highway 17. now there are showers off the stream of the mendocino coast. it is getting more energy over water but once it moves on to dry air otherwise clear skies, temperature drop, once he we get there, heaviest will be sunday but tell tell will not be a very warm weekend and we are expecting rain. you can see there is lendty of activity and we saw this a week ago offshore. once you hit land, 30s instead
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of 50s we have seen. i think this will go down, 34 redding and even 36. we are beginning to work our way in. we are in between systems. and there can be a few showers to the north. high a high coming in in the 50s and really there is just too much cold air in place. cold air tomorrow and i would not be surprised in the north bay. it will just spread over to everything for the weekend. a bay area journalist ties him toski kidnapping in -- journalist ties him to
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kidnapping... two boys said we can't go back to school, we can't go back to school. and one man found several children inside his driveway. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, and we will tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. two people were seriously hurt after being hit by a car in oakland. it happened near lake merit. crosswalk, they were taken to e the hospital, one has serious injuries. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. students at concord high
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school are mourning the death of a student whose life was cut short. the school principal showed pictures and they were taken hours before the teen was shot in the bay view district. grieve counselors met with about 50 students. >> i am still in shock. it was just three days ago we were all play fighting and having fun. >> the candlelight vigil will be held at the football field. his teammates plan to donate christmas trees to needy families in his name. they are accused of break inginto a home and stealing a rifle. they targeted a home and were seen running with a rifle case. police say when they interviewed the boys, one said he was going to use them on
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police if they got too close, meanwhile one was released to his parents. it was the most successful gun buy back day they have ever had. the turnout was so great people ran out of gas waiting for a spot. mayor jean quan said the by backs were great and they are helping to control violence on the streets. >> there are many guns in the hands of young people... >> the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary donated the cash for guns. reportedly the president is now offering to raise tax rates on hold hold income of 4,000 instead of 250,000.
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it follows house speaker john boehner for those raising more than a million. this is the most movement they have seen in the talks. an event is scheduled in san francisco to mark one year since troops left. an event is schedule he had to get underway at noon. again, security remains a challenge in the country 9 people were wounded and were wounded in dozens of bombs across the country after suffering a stroke. richard engel is safe after he and his crew were held captive for five days in syria. two kidnappers were killed by assyrian rebel group. ingle and -- richard engel and
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his team are now okay. >> i am glad to see he is doing well. >> yes. we will show you off the 80 freeway as you come off to the mcarthur maze, it looks good to the bayridge toll plaza area and if you want a good drive there are no problems on the bridge. same thing here in san jose airport area, they are doing very well. here is steve. thank you. we have mostly clear skies off the coast we will have some build ups later on and the dry land has more support over land. we have 12 to 14 degrees cooler than it was this time
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yesterday. 26 up in tahoe. we had 54 and 55 degrees. that cold air will continue to set in. sunny and breezy as clouds build and a few showers to the north, maybe northern sonoma county, it will be in the upper 20s which would not surprise me and then friday all the way into the weekend, it looks to be ending christmas eve. for the past few days we heard about the deadly shooting and now we are hearing about those who saved lives. shortly after, he headed out to find six children sitting
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outside a diner. >> we heard the boys say we can't go back to school, my teacher is dead, we don't have a teacher and i couldn't believe it. >> he offered the children juice and he called their parents. and report erin nay marsh is live where more funeral services will be held, renee? >> reporter: well, brian, charlotte is just six years old and she loves school as well as jessica, she loved horses and both of those two young girls will be the next to be buried today. >> in newtown, two more little victims will be laid to rest. on monday, mourners said a final goodbye to jack pinto. >> it was very sad, the family
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took it very -- as hard as any parent would take it losing their first grader. >> and a large crowd showed up to say goodbye to noah pozner. >> i started to cry because it is very close to home. >> students in the area headed back to school except for sandy hook elementary. they were moved to school in a neighborrerring town where students will eventually return to class. >> we are putting our arms around people. >> it is still unknown why the 20-year-old opened fire on this school. they are interviewing witnesses and looking at the shooter's home come pewter looking for answers. >> we know this town of newtown wants to know what happened and we will do that, we will provide them any and all information, and we will paint
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a crystal clear picture as much as we possibly can. the reason for that, the shooter used to 'do go to target practice with his mother dashed to go to target practice with -- used to go to target practice with his mother. they are showing their support for the grieve being community. it is set up and the post office is reaching out and if you would like to show your support you can send a box at newtown. >> that is great that people are reaching out. firefighters respond to a san francisco mall filled with holiday shoppers and the fire
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prompted an investigation. and in a vallejo front yard, this is not the first time this homeowner has been victimized
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. san francisco police arrested a woman whose teenager died, she was found unconscious
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on jennings street. police said she only had a faint pulse and paramedics could not revive her. they did find signs of abuse at the girl's home. and at the richmond san rafael toll plaza, during his trial, nathan said he shot the two because he was jealous of their relationship. he also said he had no regrets and preferred the death penalty instead of life in prison. well, somebody has stolen three trees and he planted the trees in memory of his son who died after christmas. this year the third tree was broken off while he was home last weekend. >> if he would have knocked on my door i would have bought them a tree and it would not be
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the first time i bought somebody a christmas tree. >> he says he has been downsizing his holiday display because of increasing vandalism and he plans on stringing lights on his front porch. firefighters were called to the westfield san francisco at about 8:15 last night. firefighters discovered it was coming from inside and they quickly put out the fire and shoppers were allowed back inside. they only have a few more days to shop, they were probably waiting out there, can't believe it is coming up so fast. >> we have to start sometime. >> that's right. let's look at what we have now.
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as a matter of fact we have christmas a week away and let's move along to the san mateo bridge. it is looking good with no major problems out at the high- rise and in contra costa we are off to a good start on 680 and i-44. >> i got most of my shopping done online and in 45 minutes i was good to go. >> it is nice, isn't it? i will mention some possible showers. mainly off the coast, the north wind, rain hurricane katrina to the north bay and on friday saturday and sunday there will be mountain snow as well. and christmas day looks okay and highs today, low 50s for
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some. it could be decent to the north and by that, 5 inches to the north. some of that shower activity, it starts moving inland but falls apart. we had a good 12 degrees but the coldest air has not yet arrived. colder, breezy, we will have more build ups during the day but today higher elevation. only the warranter temperatures will be closer to the bay and also the coast and inland temperatures will be a few degrees cooler. 20s and 30s for lows and then we cloud it up thursday, it looks like everybody is in on that rain parade if you will friday saturday and sunday. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, a threatening phone call to a school helps to prompt a
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school investigation, the quick action that was taken and high tech way they are tracking down the person responsible. and the household product they were using when things took a turn for the worst. 680 traffic is moving well as you head down south and the roads are not affected for the rest of the bay area, we will have another traffic update straight ahead.
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